Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brad Update

(First of all sorry for not updated sooner and thank you to everyone who has emailed me to check on him since I have not posted anything yet.)

Brad had his first round of chemo on Tues. He was there forever (8:00-1:30). He was fine the first night. On Wednesday he went to work for a little while then had his followup appointment with the surgeon that placed his port. On Thurs he really started feeling bad. He said that he just has a nauseous feeling all the time. They have given him medicine to help with this but it is not really working that well. Today (Sunday), he is finally starting to feel alot better.

As far as the mohawkpics sorry he went to work for a little while that day but was not feeling that great so he came home. I did shave his hair off the next day I will post some pics of he buzz cut later!!

He will have chemo every other week for the next two months. Please pray that at the end of the chemo the infection will be gone and he will not have to have radiation.

Thanks again for all of the support. We could never get through this without every one's support and prayers!!!!


Jo Ann said...

Praying for a full recovery! Love you!

Anonymous said...

You are so strong! I am lifting you guys up!