Friday, September 26, 2008

Halfway Through!!!!!!!

Look he still has his hair!!!

Well, Brad is officially halfway through with chemo! Hooray!!!!! It has been a ruff week for him. When he went on Tues his white blood cell count was very low and the doctor thought about cancelling his treatment for the day. She let him go ahead and get it but in return he had to go back Wed, Thurs and today for shots. I really do not know what they call the shots but the medicine just gets into his bones very quickly causing him to have constant pain. Thankfully he has done alot better with the chemo this time around. He has been feeling a little sickly but not has bad as he did the last time. Please pray that the kids and I can stay well over the next 4 weeks since he is at such a high risk of infection. We just want to keep him as well as possible!!!!

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Susan said...

Best of luck to you all, Jaime. And greetings from Olive Branch! I miss seeing you at Benton JA.