Friday, September 26, 2008

Here's the "Scoop" on Lillie's Second Birthday!!

Okay here goes!!! Lillie's birthday party was on Sept 13 (her actual birthday!). We decided to do an ice cream theme since the girl loves it!! She can eat her weight in ice cream! We had the ice cream cone cupcakes for the kids and tons of candy and sprinkles for them to decorate them with. I made some hot fudge cupcakes for the adults. My mom also got Lillie the cake because she felt that she needed one to blow out her candles! I had a table with all the decorations for the kids and just let them put whatever they wanted on their cupcakes. I made aprons for the kids to wear so that they would not get too messy! I think that my floor was the only thing that really needed an apron!!! After they decorated we let them play for a little while then we did presents. Lillie got lots of wonderful gifts. She got the Rose Cottage which she loves. Some babies, clothes, books, and bathtub stuff!! We got her her first Cabbage Patch Doll. It is one of the 25th anniversary dolls and she looks just like my first CPD! We had a lot of fun with all of her friends. My mom made the ice cream soda party favors for the kids. She made these for birthday parties for me and Drew when we were little. I also made the kids little bags of ice cream goodies and the girls got an ice cream bow just like the one Lillie had on that day!

Halfway Through!!!!!!!

Look he still has his hair!!!

Well, Brad is officially halfway through with chemo! Hooray!!!!! It has been a ruff week for him. When he went on Tues his white blood cell count was very low and the doctor thought about cancelling his treatment for the day. She let him go ahead and get it but in return he had to go back Wed, Thurs and today for shots. I really do not know what they call the shots but the medicine just gets into his bones very quickly causing him to have constant pain. Thankfully he has done alot better with the chemo this time around. He has been feeling a little sickly but not has bad as he did the last time. Please pray that the kids and I can stay well over the next 4 weeks since he is at such a high risk of infection. We just want to keep him as well as possible!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lillie is Two!!!

Saturday Lillie turned two!!! We had a little birthday party for her here at the house. It was an ice cream party since the girl loves ice cream!!! I will post more about everything when I get all the pictures. A friend came to take pictures for me so that I would not have to stress about that. She is going to get all the pictures to me on Mon so look for more party pics next week!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Lillie!!! We love you so much!

Brad Update

(First of all sorry for not updated sooner and thank you to everyone who has emailed me to check on him since I have not posted anything yet.)

Brad had his first round of chemo on Tues. He was there forever (8:00-1:30). He was fine the first night. On Wednesday he went to work for a little while then had his followup appointment with the surgeon that placed his port. On Thurs he really started feeling bad. He said that he just has a nauseous feeling all the time. They have given him medicine to help with this but it is not really working that well. Today (Sunday), he is finally starting to feel alot better.

As far as the mohawkpics sorry he went to work for a little while that day but was not feeling that great so he came home. I did shave his hair off the next day I will post some pics of he buzz cut later!!

He will have chemo every other week for the next two months. Please pray that at the end of the chemo the infection will be gone and he will not have to have radiation.

Thanks again for all of the support. We could never get through this without every one's support and prayers!!!!

Thank You!

Like my new blog makeover? Thanks to my friend Anita she designed this one and my header over on Whimsy Tin. She has a business of her own called A Piece of Pope. She holiday cards, birth announcements and stationary. Check out her business when you have a free moment!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

This seems to be what we say around our house all the time these days!! Lillie has to do everything that Evan does! It is so funny. I am not joking when I say that she says everything he does, wants what he is eating, wants what he is playing with, and so on. He has a constant shadow! It is so sweet to see them together, they are the best of friends! I remember when I came home from the hospital with Lillie to my 19 month old baby and thought what have I done! I am so happy that I had them so close in age! They are built in playmates and do everything together.
Lillie she is so smart, when they were swinging she wil lift her little feet making Evan do all the work. She also does this when they ride in their cozy coupes together she will ride everywhere with him with her feet up making him do all the hard labor!!! Smart girl!

Evan starts Preschool!

Evan and his friend Ross Anthony

Evan started Preschool on Tues! He was so excited about going. I have to say I could feel the tears forming as I dropped him off but I held them back so he would not be embarrassed by his mom!! His teacher is Mrs Shannon who used to work with Brad before we got married!! She gave all the moms a sweet little poem about the first day of school. As I drove off and started to read it I had to stop because the tears started flowing!!! I was so excited to go and pick him up to hear all about his day! Today he was the snack boy so he was excited that he got to be the leader and help the teacher.
I was thinking back to Sept 1, 2004 and this is the day that we found out we were having a little boy!! It amazes me how four years has flashed before our eyes. It seems just like yesterday that we were at Baby Views hearing the news. I still can't believe he is in preschool. But he loves it and I knew he would. He was so ready to go back today.

Happy News

We finally got Brad's bone marrow results back and it was all clear!! We also got his biopsy results back which showed he had the most common type of Hodgkin's. So his official diagnosis is Stage Two Classic Nodular Hodgkin's Lymphoma. (He is stage two because he has infection in both his chest and neck). So we now are just waiting to see when he starts his chemo which hopefully will be next week. Stayed tuned because tomorrow Brad is going BALD! He is the branch manager at Regions in Bryant and his tellers are going to first give him a Mohawk then shave it all off!!! I will of coarse be there to take pictures so I will post as soon as possible!!

Our little man started preschool on Tues so check back for more post! We lost power and have finally been turned back on!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just some pics!

Here are just a few random pics of the kids (and Bailey) that I have been meaning to post! First of all Bailey is such a good sport! I heard the kids in my room laughing and saying, "Silly Bear" I went to check on them and I found poor Bailey sporting some shades!! She is so good with them but I do think sometimes she thinks why me!!!! Lillie is such a little momma these days. A few of

my good friends have had babies and she thinks that they all belong to her! In the picture above she is giving Baby Bryce a love pat! He too is a good sport with her poking his eyes and pointing out all of his other body parts! And the the last pic just a sweet moment that I interrupted with the camera of the kids reading to each other.