Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

The kids woke up yesterday morning to many surprises from the Easter Bunny! Sadly, Miss Lillie ran a fever all day Sat and when she woke up Sun morning she had a 103 fever. So she was less than thrilled about her surprises at first. Evan on the other hand was so excited because the Bunny brought him trains!! He was the most excited about Rocky! He didn't even care about all of the candy in his bucket! After Lillie got a bath to cool her off and the Motrin finally kicked in she got excited about her new stroller that she got and the baby bottles. She loves to feed her babies and pile them all in her new stroller! We sadly didn't get to go to church since Lillie has been sick so no photos of them in their Sunday best! We met my parents, brother, Ryan and Aunt at Colton's for lunch and then came home and took long naps. Brad was out of town working a tournament that he has been committed to for the past four years. (so glad this was his last year since he is gone from us for an entire week) It has been just me and the kids. Evan woke from his nap with an ear ache. We headed to the doctor this morning both kids have an infection in their right ears but the left ears are all clear. Lillie also had a 101 fever this morning at the doctor. It has been a long week here at the Gaston household. Brad will be back sometime Tues night or Wed morning just depending on if he gets to work the final game on Tues.
On a happier note we should be moving in the next few weeks. We are just waiting for the painters to get in and so some touch ups and paint all of the exterior doors. Then they will get it all cleaned up and ready for us to move. We are so excited!!! Stay tuned for pictures of the finished product!!!

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