Monday, March 24, 2008

Lillie and Jaime 18 months Old

Here are some pictures that we found at my aunts house. I was 18 months old in the pictures. I thought it would be neat to post these as well as some of Lillie at the same age to do a comparison. It is funny because so many people think that she looks just like her daddy but people who knew me when I was little say that it is just like seeing me as a baby again. Now all of you blog readers can be the judge. Brad and I have always thought that she looks just like me. What makes me laugh is when I saw these pictures I can't believe how many of the same facial expressions that we both have.
The pictures of Lillie up above are hard to compare us with but don't you love her high heels and diaper? That girl loves her shoes and so when I saw those at the Disney Store in San Antonio I had to get them from her. You are never too young for you first set of heels!!!!!!! The other picture is of her trying to tackle Evan. Poor guy he will be minding his own business playing away when suddenly he gets a surprise attack from behind! She is such a sweetie but can be a mean little stinker as well!

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Olivia Grace said...

Yes, Lillie looks like her Mommy. I actually thought that was Lillie until I read. Can't wait until this weekend.