Sunday, March 09, 2008

Our WILD Weekend

Brad and I have always loved to travel. Before we had kids we got to go all the time. In all of our travels we always seem to have bad luck. We have been on a cruise that was delayed because some how a gun got through security and found later in the area where they load the luggage! We had to repack our stuff get off the boat and then go back through security to reboard the boat! When Brad took me to Hilton Head to propose to me, we drove to Memphis to fly out of there, but our flight was delayed 5 hours, then cancelled and we were rerouted to Dallas. (Always fun to fly back over where you started the day)! In Dallas we boarded the plane just to have to get back off for them to fix something finally after a hour delay there we finally arrived in Hilton Head at 1 am! On the way home from that trip we were about to take off and were on the runway when the weather radar went out on the plane and we had to taxi off the runway because we were in the middle of a huge rain! We flew back to Memphis only to find that our luggage did not make the trip! We have had many more mishaps with our travels but one thing is for sure we always laugh about it and just go with the flow! (okay so that trip to Hilton Head I was not a happy camper at first but had a big change of attitude when he popped the question)! We always have the attitude of who cares we are on vacation!

So this weekend proved to be no different than the rest. We had been planning a trip to San Antonio without the kids. Brad had a game down there and we also have some hometown friends that are now living there. I love that city so I had told B that this was a basketball trip I was going on for sure! We had to leave out of Oklahoma City because B also had a game to work outside of OK City on Friday afternoon. Well of coarse the weather was going to be bad so we headed out Thurs night. We picked up on of B's official friends in Conway because he was working the game also. (He is also a friend that was on the cruise with us. We may not travel with him again after all of this)! We were just outside of Clarksville when the passenger side window busted in the freezing snow! So we pulled over and covered it with duck tape and trash bags and headed on our way stopping at every exit to fix the tape. We finally put a bag on the inside of the car as well and taped it up. We finally arrived at our destination at 1 am exhausted and tired of that trash bag blowing in the wind sound! The next day after the game we picked up the car from being repaired and headed to the Ok City airport to head to Houston. Our friend was traveling with us to Houston as well. In the middle of our flight they came on asking for any medical professionals to assist with a passenger. So there was a bit of chaos on the flight with a man that I think was maybe having a heart attack. Whatever was going on all I know is that I have never landed that quickly or pulled up the gate thinking that we were going so fast that the plane was going to plow into the terminal. Our next flight was delayed of coarse so we finally arrived in San Antonio an hour late. On Sat B worked his game and I went to a huge mall and shopped all day by myself which was wonderful. We had plans with our friends that night to go to Gruene TX to have dinner and then to Gruene Hall to see a band. On the way Wade was not paying attention and we missed hour exit and it took us 2 hours to get to the place that was only 30 minutes from us. We had called the restaurant to get directions because we were so lost, when we still had not arrived they called us to see where we were! We finally made it, ate and then walked over to Gruene Hall to see the band. This place is the oldest dance hall west of the Mississippi so lots of big time performers have played there and still come to play there. So here is our exciting part of our trip. There was a group of girls there for a bachelorette party, in the group was Barbara Bush! (George W's daughter, not his mother Brad was looking for the old white haired lady with her pearls!) Crazy to see her there but all of the secret service was sitting outside watching her. We left today and headed back to Ok City since that is where our car was. All of our flights we uneventful and so we thought we were doing good until we got to our car and the battery was dead! An airport worker came and got us back in business. Just one more eventful trip to add to our ever growing list of our crazy travels!

(Having a little trouble posting pics so I will get those up later. I know you all will love seeing the Tahoe with its blacked out window)!

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Melissa Williams said...

I can't believe your trip!!! I'll have to tell you about our Louisiana trip as a child sometime! Can't wait to hear what all you bought shopping!