Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pig Tails?????

Okay so ever since we found out that Lillie was going to

be a girl I have looked forward to the day that she would have hair long enough to put in pig tails! (I was even more excited when she had quite a bit of hair at birth, which meant that the time would come a little sooner)! So here you go, Lillie's first pig tails!!!!!! I cracked up because they just stick straight out. She got my super straight hair! When she saw herself in the mirror she also thought she was funny. The best part was when she walked into the family room and Evan saw her he yelled, "Look mom, its Shrek!" He was so funny and kept saying Shrek come play with me, Shrek come to my room! So I think that we may have to wait till they get a little bit longer before we wear them in public and also because she doesn't sit still for very long!

By the way just wanted to share some good news. My friend Heather got the results from her surgery and they were great! The cancer was not in any of the 13 lymph nodes that they took last week! She is very excited and relieved with the news. And also thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers last week. It has been a long hard week but as the days go by it has gotten a little bit easier. We all miss her so much.


Melissa Williams said...

Ok, her hair is cracking me up. And Evan calling her shrek is something you will have to scrapbook! I would let her wear them's just too cute! I'm glad your friend Heather got great results!

Olivia Grace said...

too cute! I love the hair!

joanne said...

Those are so cute!!! I can't wait for Mary Claire to have them.