Saturday, February 16, 2008

17 Months!

She now loves dressing up as a puppy!

I do not know what she was doing but love the bow!

Well Miss Lillie is now 17 months and so much fun!! She is getting so vocal and is trying so hard to say new words. I love it because lately she has started jabbering away in a language all her own and she will look at Evan and just jabber away at him. I just think that every stage of their lives just get better and better. She is know as the daredevil of her KDO class and her teacher says she is always trying to climb on top of the toys. When they catch her and make her get down they say that as soon as they turn their backs she is climbing again! She is still so sweet and cuddlely and when she gets tired she loves to sit in my lap and rub my arm. It is so sweet. She also can be a little sassy and can get a little temper when she is not getting her way! She has became a little momma lately and loves to feed her babies and tells everyone to shhhhh. She plays so well with Evan and loves to be in his room so that she can pick up all of his trains. I am so glad that they are so close. I could go on and on! We just feel so blessed with our two wonderful children.

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