Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Puppy Party!

Here is Laura showing the kids how to eat their jello bone
Evan giving it a try!

painting the dog house (you can see some of the kids with noses and ears)!
Of coarse Lillie had to paint too!

Today the kids and I went to a party for one of Lillie's little friends, Chloe. This was such a cute party and her mom out did herself with everything! When we arrived she had a grooming station set up for the kids to put on their doggy ears, paint noses and get their collars. My kids did not want to do this for some reason. We then had a story time followed by each kid getting to eat a jello bone from their very own doggy dish! Next we got to help paint Chloe's doghouse, then it was on to eat where Laura had a huge spread of food (all with some sort of dog theme)! After her cute cupcakes and and adorable dog cake it was time to go. The kids had the best time and of coarse did not want to leave the party. On the way out Laura had made doggy bags for all the kids to take home all of their goodies!!! Such a cute party!!!!!! I told Laura that she has found her calling in life and needs to be a childrens party planner!

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Anita said...

I talked to Laura Friday night and she told me about the party. She is so great at planning parties and goes over and beyond. We actually were at my parents and wished we could have come-but had already made plans to go to the races. Glad everyone had a wonderful time.