Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Time for the Doctor!

We headed to the doctor for the kids well child check-ups. This is always a fun place with both kids!!!!! Lillie is so independent she wants to walk and hold your hand and screams if you try to carry her anywhere. So getting from the parking lot to the office is so much fun!! The kids did great once we got back to the doctor and they were in perfect condition. Lillie got her last round of shots (we missed her 15 month visit) so she had the most fun! Evan was 38 inches tall and weighs 34 lbs. He was in the 70% for both. Lillie was a little over 33 inches and now weighs a big 23 lbs. She was in the 95% for height and less than 50% for her weight. Which is a big change for the kids that always rocked the 95% as little babies. And the Dr said that she would not be surprised if Lillie ended up being taller than Evan? We will have to see if this actually happens!

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