Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our New Pets

My friends the photographers are doing Easter Pictures with baby ducks this year. They are the cutest pics! They ordered these ducks for the pictures and were not told how quickly they would grow. They are huge and are twice as big as they were when the kids got their pictures made a week ago. Since these were getting too big they had to order new ducks to finish out their next two weekends. So they let us take the ducks to the lake house to set them free! The kids were so excited and the ducks are so tame right now they would eat from their hands. I think they thought Lillie was their momma because they would all huddle up behind her and follow her everywhere! I was sad when we left them because they tried to follow our car then the huge thunderstorm came. We went back to the lake today and were happy to see them swimming away in the lake!

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