Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jungle Party Tonight!

His buddy Koen

Mrs. Byrd!

His friend Trevor, he was a parrot also!

Evan's kindergarten play was last week. It was so cute! The kids got to pick what they wanted to be in the play. We had just been to see Rio so he of coarse wanted to be a blue parrot like Blue from the movie. So thankfully, I have a crafty mom and together we made his costume! It was so funny! I have to say that his class has some very creative moms cause they had some super cute costumes in the play! Evan was picked for a speaking part. This was so funny because all of the kids put their mouths so close to the microphone and talked so fast that you could not understand a word that anyone said! But we had a fun party in the jungle, they performed two times during the day for the entire school and one time that night for parents and family. After the second daytime performance they had a celebration for all of the kids. I can't believe that he is down to his final days of kindergarten!

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