Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome to the Copa Cabana!

Mrs. Brooke
Mrs. Lindsey

Lillie and Hope

Her Angel pose!

Bikini Bottom!

Hope and Lillie they were freezing backstage!


practicing tap

I love dance recitals! This year was so much fun with Lillie. First of all, I decided to change studios and it was the best decision for her. She has loved it this year. She has looked forward to going every week which made me so happy! Her recital this year was at Robinson Center Music Hall. Lillie thought she was hot stuff getting ready in the dressing rooms backstage and getting to wear lots of make-up! Her tap dance was called Bikini Bottom and her ballet was Angel of Mine. Loved both of her costumes! This girl loves the stage and everytime she finished a dance all she wanted to know was when she got to go back up and dance again! Her teacher Mrs. Brooke has asked her to be apart of the BAM! Dance Company, which is the competative dance team. So this fall she will start taking an extra night a week to get ready for competitions!

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