Sunday, May 29, 2011

Uncle Drew's Wedding

Lounge funiture by the dance floor

tea bar

Brides Cake

Groom's Cake

Drew's Brew!

Dance floor

The paper crane's

Their favorite things

Mr. and Mrs. Lott

Easter weekend my brother Drew got married!!! We are so excited to have Britton join our family! I must say that Evan and Lillie adore her!!!!! They had a private ceremony in her Aunt's backyard. It was just parent's, grandparents, sibling's and niece's and nephew's and then they had a huge reception at Pavilion in the Park. There was lots of yummy food, two amazing cakes and lots of amazing details. Here are just a few of my favorite details from the reception. They had a table set up for favors with their favorite things. They had candles, jelly beans, cigars and a few more things that were things they loved. They both are big hot tea drinkers so at one end they had a hot tea and coffee bar. On the other end there was a bar set up with a sign that said "Drew's Brew" were they served all of my brother's favorite beers. At Britton's showers she had pieces of paper that the guest could write notes to her and Drew. Her florist made paper cranes and then they hung them above the dance floor. My favorite was their band! They were so fun. At the beginning of the reception they all started out on tuxedo's like any normal wedding band would. They played for a bit then took a quick break and when they came back they were decked out in mullet wigs and funky clothes! It was so funny and a shocker to all the guest.

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